Super Bass Nicki Minaj

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is going to concerts, those are the best good times you can ever have ! I was excited for Nicki Minaj’s Pink Print Tour, she has been dominating the airwaves & music charts lately coming out with hit after hit. She brought a few friends with her on this tour.. Tinashe, Meek Mill (boo team drake all day lol jk) & Rae Sremmurd who by far had the crowd  the most hyped ” no flex zone ” baby lol.


Nicki came out with a vengeance when her set started, opening up with 1 of her biggest & best songs this year ” Feeling Myself ” featuring the queen bee herself my idol Beyonce lol. The whole place erupted with excitement & sang every word, myself included! It was a complete party from that point lol if you weren’t singing or in my case rapping lol you definitely were dancing your ass off & in some cases both, again me lol.


All your favorites songs new & old from/featuring Nicki Minaj proceeded next.. some of my favorites were Bang Bang, Super Bass, Moment 4 life, Anaconda, Starships, Truffle butter, Bedrock, Pound the alarm Flawless remix, & All i do is win remix… like i said Nicki Minaj came to turn up in San Diego. 


Nicki Minaj is without a doubt 1 of the best female rappers in the world, she has taken the world by storm & claimed her throne. Watching her transition from dressing in unique costumes & dramatic color hair to a sexy strong bad bitch as she says has been great, many artists don’t mature and show growth while still staying true to their music.

The final song of the tour was ” The night is still young “, perfect fit to close out a great time.. Margaritas, Good friends, Summer nights & Nicki Minaj the perfect combination.  It gets my pink print stamp of approval ! 


Thank you again for coming back & remember as Nicki Minaj says .. The Night is still young so go out there & sing, dance, and live !

Love, Kaly Sinatra


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