Ariana little miss Grande

Little miss Ariana Grande with her cute self has become a huge powerhouse in the music world with her tremendous voice! She may be tiny but this girl can sang!!! I have really become a big fan of hers this year. I was intrigued to see her & once i found out she was bringing papi chulo Prince Royce with her on tour i was even more excited to go!


With her signature ponytail & long hair Ariana strutted down the stairs to her stage ready to blow her fans away singing all her famous hits such as Break free, Love me harder, The way, Problem,etc… The only 1 she didn’t sing was one last time 1 of my favorites so i was sort of bummed lol but she did sing Bang bang.. a feature song Ariana shares with Jesse J & Nicki Minaj that  got every single person out of their seat to dance! I love that song by the way so i forgive her lol. I was not expecting her to be such a good performer for being so young, i was impressed!!


I took advantage of Live Nation Concert cash that offered $15 off any ticket, i opted for lawn seat that was $30 so in the end i only paid $15. The Sleep train amphitheater in San Diego sometimes offer seat upgrades for a small cost or free depending on the show attendance, i was able to upgrade my little ol lawn seat to a lower bottom level seat area that normally cost $100 for free!!! Talk about hook up yo!!


Ariana apparently loves wearing ears whether its cat or bunny ones, i was surround by little girls to grown women wearing them. I was mad i did not know this prior because i sure would have brought some from home, i felt left out but i refused to buy them there for $25 lol. I predict that Ariana Grande not only has a bright future ahead of her but she will make history by having 1 of the greatest music career & legacy as she gets older. I can only hope she stays as sweet & humble because it’s truly a quality i admire in her.


Thank you again for allowing to me share yet another 1 of my concert adventures with you. Its been a blast this summer & there many more to go !!

Love, Kaly Sinatra


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