The Madness called The Weeknd

On December 9th, 2015 I got to witness the world’s # 1 artist & the phenom known as The Weeknd aka Abel as i like to call him on his ” The Madness Tour ” stop in Los Angeles. First & foremost like me state this, i am not a new fan i did nit jump on the band wagon from his lastest album ” The Beauty behind the madness ” which is off the hook, I was rocking with him since his 1st mixtape ” House of Ballons ” lol day 1 fan here !!

I talked about this concert so much for months i couldnt contain my excitement that my friends & family could not wait for the day to come so i would finally shut up about it lol. I warned everyone going with me in advance i would be that annoying screaming fan & would be singing all his songs loud haha. I was curious on the route he would go  with so many songs to choose from past & present. The Weeknd finally made his way to the stage & ” Real life (love that song by the way!!) ” blasted so loud off the speakers it shook the arena… followed by every other song off the ” The beauty behind the madness ” album. It felt like this awesome live album listening party ! What are your favorite songs off the album? I can’t get enough of ” Tell your friends, Can’t feel my face, Often, Angel & Darkest Times “.

Abel did not forget about the Day 1 fans who he acknowelged many times during the show, in between the new songs he also performed some of the classics & our favorites such as ” High for this (my favorite !!) , Crew Love, King of the Fall, The Morning, House of Ballons- Glass table girls “, etc.

” The Hills ” was the finale closing song of the night, a song he wrote describing how he felt living in the Hollywood aka the hills so it was only fitting being in LA that he send his biggest fans off with the song he wrote specifically for that city, there’s no where in the world like Cali baby !  Abel has come along way from his mix tapes days to platinum selling albums, world tour & numerous music awards.. 2015 was without a doubt the year of XO crew !!

I know this post is late & well after the concert, i admit i got busy with the holidays & a long overdue vacation but i knew i had responsibility to myself & this blog idea of mine to continue to see it through no matter how many things come up. The saying ” better late then never ” rightfully applies to this. Thanks for rockin with me still & understanding !

Love Kaly Sinatra


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