Summer Sixteen

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Ok concert lovers let’s get in FORMATION, lol !! I’m probably the biggest Beyonce fan you will ever meet, i idolize her !! I literally screamed with excitement when i saw that San Diego was on the list of tour dates& cities for The Formation World Tour. First off let me say concert going aint easy or cheap lol, i seen Beyonce in concert on her Mrs. Carter tour in Los Angeles.. but i was only able to get nosebleed seats with a terrible view so i knew if i ever got a chance to see her again i would get the best possible seat i could afford & boy did i ever !! It was worth every penny.

The SD Bey hive was hyped let me tell you, the energy was crazy even in the parking lot, We were ready to get some ” Lemonade ” in our lives & get ” Drunk in love ” courtesy of our Queen Bey !

The World Formation Tour had a special opening act none other than Mr. We The Best himself, DJ Khaled !! ” All i do is win” is my shit & my personal anthem lol i go off when i hear that song… refer back to my 1st post & you will see exactly what I’m talking about !!



The moment that Beyonce appeared on stage & ” Formation ” began playing… the whole stadium was in a complete uproar !!

It was hard for me to record, sing & dance at the same time because i was shaking from excitement lol real talk. Yonce is sooo damn stunning & fierce in person… no way in hell i believe Jay Z would ever cheat on her, i don’t care what the songs say lol.



The Lemonade album & most of its infamous tracks were all performed making you love the album that much more, but everybody was waiting for 1 song in particular… ” Sorry ” !! I admit i was to, it’s my favorite lol we all were ready to sing the most famous lyric off the album ” Better call Becky with the good hair ” !! I was blown away by her performance of ” Freedom ” it was powerful, full of emotion & strength.

Now you know Bey wasn’t about to have a concert without making you shake that ass with all her ” bootylicious ” classic bangers off every album  she has had throughout her career… ” Naughty Girl, Freakum Dress, Baby Boy, Diva, 7/11, Yonce/Partition, Flawless, ” etc. The only 1 song she did not sing is ” Single Ladies ” i was ready to lol i had been practicing the dance so i was a little bummed but she did sing my all time favorite Beyonce song… you will have to scroll down a little more to see which one that is lol.


Beyonce can make even the most toughest person get in their feelings, feel emotional & or even cry with her ballads… Yes I’m talking about me damn it lol . ” Halo &   1 + 1 ” really highlight the beautiful & passionate way her voice sounds on these types of songs.

” Irreplaceable ” is not so much an emotional ballad more like 1 of those anthems that you sing with a lot attitude lol or drunk with your friends & dedicate it to all them Ex’s that did you wrong.


Beyonce had 1 theme the whole night….. to fuckin slay !! They don’t call her The Baddest Chick in the game for nothing, i mean just look at the pic below lol. This pic gives me flash backs to the video of my all time favorite song ” Crazy In Love ” !!.. from the sexiness, the vibrantness, that ass & them legs !! That video was & still is life lol.


Beyonce took us all back to the Destiny Child days.. by singing ” Independent Women Part I & Survivor “! I was not expecting that lol it took me back to my early 20’s when me & my friends used to pretend we were them.. I was the Beyonce of the group every time haha


” I was here ” which is off the ” 4′ album comes to mind when i look back at every picture & video i took at the concert that night… that song is her love letter to the world as an artist, musician, woman & human being.


Who runs the world??!!! BEYONCE of course !! She not only is the greatest entertainer in the world but a beautiful & powerful inspiration to not only myself but millions of other people. Beyonce has always stood out from the rest because of her drive & determination not just her beauty. She has never been afraid to show the world her soul or let you know ” you ain’t fucking with no average bitch ” lol. All Hail Queen Beyonce!!


It goes without saying that this was my favorite concert of the year, , nobody loves yonce more than me lol. I know this post is a few months late.. lots of changes these past months good & bad but I’m getting back to what’s important to me and this concert blog is definitely 1 of them ! Stick with me & i promise to not disappoint… got some epic concerts/events coming up ! ” Summer Sixteen ” lol.

Love, Kaly Sinatra




The Madness called The Weeknd

On December 9th, 2015 I got to witness the world’s # 1 artist & the phenom known as The Weeknd aka Abel as i like to call him on his ” The Madness Tour ” stop in Los Angeles. First & foremost like me state this, i am not a new fan i did nit jump on the band wagon from his lastest album ” The Beauty behind the madness ” which is off the hook, I was rocking with him since his 1st mixtape ” House of Ballons ” lol day 1 fan here !!

I talked about this concert so much for months i couldnt contain my excitement that my friends & family could not wait for the day to come so i would finally shut up about it lol. I warned everyone going with me in advance i would be that annoying screaming fan & would be singing all his songs loud haha. I was curious on the route he would go  with so many songs to choose from past & present. The Weeknd finally made his way to the stage & ” Real life (love that song by the way!!) ” blasted so loud off the speakers it shook the arena… followed by every other song off the ” The beauty behind the madness ” album. It felt like this awesome live album listening party ! What are your favorite songs off the album? I can’t get enough of ” Tell your friends, Can’t feel my face, Often, Angel & Darkest Times “.

Abel did not forget about the Day 1 fans who he acknowelged many times during the show, in between the new songs he also performed some of the classics & our favorites such as ” High for this (my favorite !!) , Crew Love, King of the Fall, The Morning, House of Ballons- Glass table girls “, etc.

” The Hills ” was the finale closing song of the night, a song he wrote describing how he felt living in the Hollywood aka the hills so it was only fitting being in LA that he send his biggest fans off with the song he wrote specifically for that city, there’s no where in the world like Cali baby !  Abel has come along way from his mix tapes days to platinum selling albums, world tour & numerous music awards.. 2015 was without a doubt the year of XO crew !!

I know this post is late & well after the concert, i admit i got busy with the holidays & a long overdue vacation but i knew i had responsibility to myself & this blog idea of mine to continue to see it through no matter how many things come up. The saying ” better late then never ” rightfully applies to this. Thanks for rockin with me still & understanding !

Love Kaly Sinatra

Ariana little miss Grande

Little miss Ariana Grande with her cute self has become a huge powerhouse in the music world with her tremendous voice! She may be tiny but this girl can sang!!! I have really become a big fan of hers this year. I was intrigued to see her & once i found out she was bringing papi chulo Prince Royce with her on tour i was even more excited to go!


With her signature ponytail & long hair Ariana strutted down the stairs to her stage ready to blow her fans away singing all her famous hits such as Break free, Love me harder, The way, Problem,etc… The only 1 she didn’t sing was one last time 1 of my favorites so i was sort of bummed lol but she did sing Bang bang.. a feature song Ariana shares with Jesse J & Nicki Minaj that  got every single person out of their seat to dance! I love that song by the way so i forgive her lol. I was not expecting her to be such a good performer for being so young, i was impressed!!


I took advantage of Live Nation Concert cash that offered $15 off any ticket, i opted for lawn seat that was $30 so in the end i only paid $15. The Sleep train amphitheater in San Diego sometimes offer seat upgrades for a small cost or free depending on the show attendance, i was able to upgrade my little ol lawn seat to a lower bottom level seat area that normally cost $100 for free!!! Talk about hook up yo!!


Ariana apparently loves wearing ears whether its cat or bunny ones, i was surround by little girls to grown women wearing them. I was mad i did not know this prior because i sure would have brought some from home, i felt left out but i refused to buy them there for $25 lol. I predict that Ariana Grande not only has a bright future ahead of her but she will make history by having 1 of the greatest music career & legacy as she gets older. I can only hope she stays as sweet & humble because it’s truly a quality i admire in her.


Thank you again for allowing to me share yet another 1 of my concert adventures with you. Its been a blast this summer & there many more to go !!

Love, Kaly Sinatra

Taylor the Daydream Nightmare Swift

What do you get when you put 1 of the biggest pop stars in the world & a summer night in 1 of America’s finest cities together…. a stop on Taylor Swift’s The 1989 World Tour!! The excitement i had for this concert can not be described lol it’s all i talked about for weeks . I am a huge fan of my beloved Tay Tay !! The 1989 album is by far 1 of her best & possibly the biggest of her career to date. Do you have it? What’s your favorite song?


An ordinary concert venue simply would not do for Taylor to perform in… She sold out the entire San Diego Petco Park baseball Stadium !!! Something that has only been done by very few artists i might add! There was no way i was missing this concert, even if i had to go alone i vowed… which i did end up doing by the way lol. Ticket availability was difficult,  also prices for them were slightly on the higher end and not everyone shared the same YOLO (you only live once) attitude like me lol !!


I will not lie & say when Taylor’s concert set started i wasn’t jumping up & down screaming along with the teenage girls around me lol. She opened up the show with ” Welcome to New York” from the 1989 album, a fun catchy beat that got you the whole stadium out of their seat to dance. We all had been given these glow in the dark bracelets that changed colors to the songs & danced around when ever we did, the entire stadium looked beautiful in the dark night.


If you have been a fan of Taylor Swift since the beginning you remember all the songs that started off her career.. She made sure that she reminded you of these songs & why you fell in love with her. I remember the sweet blond curly hair girl with her guitar singing songs ” Tear drops on my guitar ” &  ” Love Story ” & ” You belong with me ” 3 of my favorite songs from her by the way!! I was so happy to finally get to sing them along  with her in person lol yes in my mind i was performing with Tay Tay, don’t judge me lol.


If you have been following Taylor’s tour or social media you know that almost every city she has performed in there have been surprise guests… from Justin Timberlake to Ellen Degeneres. Naturally we all wondered if she would bring anyone here… the answer was hell yes!! First special guest hailed straight from Jamaica & currently has the of the top songs in the country.. OMI !! He performed everyone’s favorite summer song ” Cheerleader ” ! And the final 2nd surprise guest was none other than Avril Levigne who sang her infamous  hit ” Complicated ” !! The entire stadium was in complete pandemonium, singing & cheering so loudly!


Most of the entire 1989 album was performed.. all the hits such as Blank Space, Out of the Woods, Style, Wildest dreams, etc & of course Bad Blood !!


Taylor Swift has always been America’s young sweetheart but I am proud to see that she has grown up & evolved not only as artist but as a person to now be known as America’s Classy Bad Ass lol. I love you Tay Tay !! Please call me so we can hang out lol im serious!


Thank you again for stopping by and allowing me to share my most anticipated & favorite concert of the year !! It was the best experience ever!

Love, Kaly Sinatra