Taylor the Daydream Nightmare Swift

What do you get when you put 1 of the biggest pop stars in the world & a summer night in 1 of America’s finest cities together…. a stop on Taylor Swift’s The 1989 World Tour!! The excitement i had for this concert can not be described lol it’s all i talked about for weeks . I am a huge fan of my beloved Tay Tay !! The 1989 album is by far 1 of her best & possibly the biggest of her career to date. Do you have it? What’s your favorite song?


An ordinary concert venue simply would not do for Taylor to perform in… She sold out the entire San Diego Petco Park baseball Stadium !!! Something that has only been done by very few artists i might add! There was no way i was missing this concert, even if i had to go alone i vowed… which i did end up doing by the way lol. Ticket availability was difficult,  also prices for them were slightly on the higher end and not everyone shared the same YOLO (you only live once) attitude like me lol !!


I will not lie & say when Taylor’s concert set started i wasn’t jumping up & down screaming along with the teenage girls around me lol. She opened up the show with ” Welcome to New York” from the 1989 album, a fun catchy beat that got you the whole stadium out of their seat to dance. We all had been given these glow in the dark bracelets that changed colors to the songs & danced around when ever we did, the entire stadium looked beautiful in the dark night.


If you have been a fan of Taylor Swift since the beginning you remember all the songs that started off her career.. She made sure that she reminded you of these songs & why you fell in love with her. I remember the sweet blond curly hair girl with her guitar singing songs ” Tear drops on my guitar ” &  ” Love Story ” & ” You belong with me ” 3 of my favorite songs from her by the way!! I was so happy to finally get to sing them along  with her in person lol yes in my mind i was performing with Tay Tay, don’t judge me lol.


If you have been following Taylor’s tour or social media you know that almost every city she has performed in there have been surprise guests… from Justin Timberlake to Ellen Degeneres. Naturally we all wondered if she would bring anyone here… the answer was hell yes!! First special guest hailed straight from Jamaica & currently has the of the top songs in the country.. OMI !! He performed everyone’s favorite summer song ” Cheerleader ” ! And the final 2nd surprise guest was none other than Avril Levigne who sang her infamous  hit ” Complicated ” !! The entire stadium was in complete pandemonium, singing & cheering so loudly!


Most of the entire 1989 album was performed.. all the hits such as Blank Space, Out of the Woods, Style, Wildest dreams, etc & of course Bad Blood !!


Taylor Swift has always been America’s young sweetheart but I am proud to see that she has grown up & evolved not only as artist but as a person to now be known as America’s Classy Bad Ass lol. I love you Tay Tay !! Please call me so we can hang out lol im serious!


Thank you again for stopping by and allowing me to share my most anticipated & favorite concert of the year !! It was the best experience ever!

Love, Kaly Sinatra