Sweet Fantasy Mariah


Mariah Carey & Las Vegas were the only 2 words i needed to hear lol my plane ticket was booked and my concert ticket was purchased! I was ready for a summer trip with lots of drinks & a good time !! My concert bucket has ALWAYS included Mariah by the way lol i love her music & all her diva ways. She has had her share of harsh criticism from the media & public on certain performances that didn’t go so well but i have always rocked with Mariah, through the high and lows of her career.


The first song once the curtains were risen was the infamous & her most iconic song ” Vision of Love “, 1 of my all time favorites !! She sang it with so much passion & you were instantly taken back to the very first time the world saw Mariah Carey sing this song. The thing about the concert that i thought was most unique was she sang all her #1 hits in chronological order from the first one to the last, & only those. It was a tribute to her fans that have been supported her since the very beginning, i really appreciated the idea.


The rest of the show was a fun trip down memory lane with songs like someday, emotions, dream lover, I’ll be there, hero, honey, & many more including my personal all time favorite Sweet Fantasy !! I love that song lol when it comes on i get happy & start singing and dancing. What is your favorite Mariah Carey song(s)?


Her sets & costumes were sparkly & full of bling just how Mariah likes it lol dahling. She has never been much of a dancer, she just concentrated on singing which i think she did a great job at. I like when artists stay true to who they are even if they are performing a show. And yes, she hit every single one of those high notes perfectly with no problems ! I highly recommend to any Mariah Carey fan to check out the show, take a little Vegas trip & enjoy yourself. She will be back in Feb 2016 !


Thank You Mariah Carey for being my first concert blog post !! And Thanks for stopping by to check out my first stop on my official concert blog. There’s many more to come !

Love, Kaly Sinatra


Hello World !

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“All I do is win win win no matter what! Got money on my mind I can never get enough
And every time I step up in the buildin’ Everybody hands go UP!! And they stay there
And they say yeah And they stay there, Up down, Up down, Up down ‘Cause all I do is win win win!! And if you goin’ in put your hands in the air Make ’em stay there“!! I love classic lines like this that get you hyped whenever you hear it, like it’s a celebration & that’s exactly what this is for me!! I can’t think of a better way to open up this introduction by singing because it’s exactly what I would do in person lol. So without further delay… Welcome to The Kaly Sinatra Way!!.. A place where you will get a front row seat into my Concert Adventures & more!

My friends call me Em, & I’m a Kalyfornia girl, yes that’s how I spell it I like to be difficult lol. I’m really down to earth, corny, optimistic, intelligent but tougher than a lion; I like to think of myself as a CLASSY BAD ASS lol. I love music but even more I love going to concerts & singing/dancing to my favorite artists and songs. It is always a party in my section lol whether I’m there with people or solo. I go to so many in a year that people started calling me The Concert Queen, it’s almost a guarantee that I already have tickets to a show even before they go on sale… You ain’t about that presale code life lol. People keep telling me I should make a career out of it & you know I think it’s about time I listen to them!!

Picking a name is never easy, but when I started this idea I promised I would remain true to myself & be proud of the final choice. I love being a Kalyfornia girl, shout out to Katy Perry for letting the world know we are the shit lol!! Frank Sinatra is my idol, someone who did everything with all heart, style & class. I have admired him since I was young, my favorite song by him is “My way “. It’s such an honest declaration that gives no excuses or apologies for living your life. So this folks is how your future #1 concert blogger came up with her awesome blog name lol.

To prove I got the creditionals to do this let me just give you an idea of just how many concerts I have attended & how far I have traveled for some!!

  1. Justin Timberlake (NY) best concert of my life!! There’s nothing like a New York City concert
  2. Jay Z (2 times NY & SD) my favorite rapper & artist!! anybody who knows me will tell you how much of a fan I am lol. I saw him in New York.. Solo not planned but still the best thing I ever did! 1 hell of a memorable night. He came to SD & everybody already knew I was not about to miss it, never got so many calls offering to go with me before lol.
  3. Alicia Keys (SD) love that incredible woman! She just gets my soul & heart like no other artist.
  4. Lady Gaga (Vegas) this crazy bitch tore the place down, I had a blast!
  5. Enrique Iglesias (SD) my latin lover lol I have the biggest crush on him, always have! I was so excited when I found out he was finally coming to concert
  6. Beyonce (LA) my female idol!! god I can’t explain how much I love her lol I will cut a bitch if they insult Queen Bey haha.
  7. Marc Anthony (LA) The king of Salsa ya heard?? Lol I love to dance & this man can make you shake what your mama gave you!! Great voice & makes me proud to be latina, wepa baby!
  8. Kid Cudi (SD) the coolest muthafucka lol he does not give a fuck. His talent & creativeness is off the chain
  9. PitBull (2times both in SD) mr 305, mr worldwide!! 1 of the best entertainers today, come to his concert ready to party & dance baby!! love his energy!
  10. Bruno Mars (SD) my baby!! love him to death!! I want to marry him lol! such a talented dude, he is a great entertainer
  11. Kanye West (SD) before he got crazy for kardashian lol. Say what you want about him but he can create so hot shit & a dope rapper
  12. Linkin Park (SD) best band in the world for my generation!! love their music, they are just fuckin awesome!
  13. Drake Vs Lil Wayne (SD) drizzy drake hottest rapper in the game today! love him, I constantly play drake’s music lol I call myself champagne mami jk! Weezy is cool to, that young money click is no joke.. the best artists on their roster!!

The list could go on.. no lie ! I’m serious about my passion for concerts, I’m ready to share it with the world & make a career out of it.. & I’m inviting you guy along for the ride! I hope you stop by again & visit my page! Stay tuned for my next upcoming concerts.. Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, & Ariana Grande.. Who run the world? GIRLS!! I’m excited can you tell lol!

Love Always, Em aka Kaly Sinatra